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That is a great rendition of the Black Dog ... nicely done lad !!
I like the blue guinea collar and the sides of wood duck :smokin:
Beauty contrast in the wing and you found a nice flow with the profile ... sweet !!

Really nice to see your work again :)


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Nice man,

May i recommend a slight shaping of that topping you choose? One can get quite the affect by simply modifying that topping to fit the hook and wing shape a bit better.

Great fly though, really sparkles.

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I'd rather perform a vasectomy on myself than to try to marry amherst to anything!!! I think some of these guys are using super glue or something.

Great fly you tied however!

Before you take a razor to a beauty like that, (the fly, that is), put it away for a bit, then view it. Sometimes they don't look too bad after a little resting period away from what you first wanted to see!

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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