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Thank you for the photos ... what an impressive rod build!!
Steve does immaculate work :cool:
What reel are you planning to strap to that stick??
It must be light in hand?? That Quantum graphite mix he has is impressively light. No comparison, but my 10ft 8wt Quantum is barely noticeable in my hand. I bet that 16'7" beast is just as light in hand.

I am still trying to decide on the reel. So far I have been using an Echo Ion 10/12 and a Redington Surge 10/11/12. The Allen XLA is a little light and I should have gotten the largest instead of the #4. I am open to all suggestions. Although this rod is light in hand compared to my 14' loop Evotech 9 wt. compared to the 13'1" 5 wt that Steve built for me two years ago, it is heavy. Even so it is easy to cast for 3-4 hours non stop just trying to get acquainted with the rod. I am looking forward to this Chinook wind to stop and hopefully I can get up on the Snake or Clearwater one of the next two weekends and see how well it handles fish.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts