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Great Start to a new area for me, I live a double edged sword

Work Forces me to be away from my loved ones for long periods of time but also allows me to see many beautiful places of the earth. Today was a benefit Allowing me to get out for the first time in North Western Alberta and I was shocked at what beautiful swing water we have.

Pic 1 and 2 is some of the swing water I was on... So beautiful and a little under gunned with my new 5 wt Switch (Pro X and Leland Sea Run reel and 5 wt versa tip...Will correct that next time.

Flies of Choice was an olive marabou streamer tied by myself which fooled Mr Bull Trout and a white fish Skull Sculpin we have seen here in the past tied by a spey brother in the south which the Rocky Mountain Whitefish thoroughly enjoyed. Pic # 3

Weather was a bit coolish and the river was a beast but with success comes smiles and thankfully today was a little easier to get through without being at home with the ones I love.

Thank You North Western Alberta there will be plenty more of this to come.


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