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I have seen the term "ferrule tape" used several times on this site as well as others. Could someone please tell me what it is and why anyone would want/need to use use it? Thanks.

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I think you are talking about what people use to
tape sections of a rod together at the ferrules.
I use black electrical tape but many people use
masking tape. The reason for taping rod is to
keep sections together. There is alot of torsional
stress from spey casting and it tends to loosen
up sections. If I am only fishing for a couple hours
I don't tape up (lazy). If I am fishing all day I tape up.
I hope this explains what you were asking about.


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Welcome to the site, there is a mountain of information here, try a search, the diffuculty is finding the right search term. Try the taping ferrels thread as North Island suggests
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