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Hey Folks,
A buddy of mine -- soon to be a new spey-caster -- asked me what I new about a Fenwick 14' 9-10 wt. two-hander. I said, diddly. He says there are two models, an HMG and a HMX. I said, oh, that tells me a lot. He says he checked the Fenwick website and couldn't find out much about the rods. I said, thats odd.
Anyway, do any of you fine folks know anything about said rod?


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With the fenwick spey rods the HMG AV series there are 2 models available in canada 1) gavf 1409/10-3 14' 3pc 9/10wt
2) gavf15010/11-3 15' 3pc 10/11 wt
These rods should have a slower action in comparision to their "euro" series rods. These rods should be available in canada for about $379.00
The 2nd series is the hmx black nighthawk, it is available in 2models also 1) hmx bnhf12689-3 12'6" 3pc 8/9wt
2) hmx bnhf14090-3e 14' 3pc 9wt
Both these rods are faster in action if I remember correctly and the retail price in canada should be $329.00 for the 12'6"
and $ 359.00 for the 14'
Both series of rods have a good starting price point for some one wanting to get into spey casting/fishing or has a back-up rod.

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Fenwick Techna Av Spey?

Hi all,

I'm brand new to this forum and brand new to the spey casting. Haven't even tried yet! but something is telling me that it is a pure art (I see it similar to some of the Samurai/Aikido graciousness).
Anyway, I was first considering buying the GL3 14' 8/9wt. Affordable for beginner but I'm not sure if it's the right one, especially after hearing that Fenwick had some Techna AV rods produced while ago (not to mix them with HMG AV spey rods).

It seems that Europian market was the target, so I'm having difficulties locating any spey Technas here in Canada, to try - buy.
I have Techna AV 9'6 #6, regular fly rod and I'm quite happy with it (sometimes I take it with my new Orvis T3 9'#5 4pc trout rod and boy if they try to outperform each other) Unbelievable considering the price difference and that they have identical weight (3 5/8 oz).

So if someone has any directions toward Fenwick Techna AV 14' 9wt 4pc??? please let me know.

Thanks a Lot!
Spey egg (growing to an Eagle claws for Chromes one day)

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Welcome and glad to see your "first" post.

Interesting the number of folks who are climbing on the spey rod band wagon. Can't put any light on the Fenwick rods but several board members are died in the wool Loomis GL3 8.9 fans. In the for what's it's worth dept. I've got 10 Spey rods and the GL3 was my first "Eruo" blank.

You couldn't get me to part with this rod; it's not a Cadilac by any stretch but it does everything it was designed for rather well. Some rods will do 'somethings' better but if I had to cut my rods down to say just two (SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) this old rod design would be one of them left standing. This would be my "tips" rod.

(Ok, for all you other guys .... you'd have to break my arms to get my 13'9" Burkie away from me.)


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Just to add to the info that Fenwick probably has a larger offer of twohanded models here in Europe.

We have at least the Techna AV series, the Black Night Hawk series, and also now reintroduced the Ironfeather series, that all comes in twohanded models from around 12 to at least 15 feet. I cant here and now give you the full model overview.

Regarding prices, the Techna AV is the most expensive (still cheap compared to Sage and Loomis top oftheliners for instance), the new Ironfeather a midlevel priced rod while the BNH the cheap choise.

I do not personally know these rods, but recall very/extremely favourable tests printed in anglingmagasines here in Scandinavia for the Techna AV and Ironfeather models, while I think the BNH have got more mediocre reviews. Among the positive assets of the TAV is its casting performance and extreme durability. In fact, the TAV is together with Loomis GLX the typical choice for spey distance casting competitions here in Norway (also Hardy GEM and T&T are used actually).

The TAV and Ironfeather are typical European Actions/Fast action rods. There are some very very intriguing positive rumours about the new Ironfeather 12,5 for line 8-9 which is reintroduced this year...

Best regards from Norway

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Great choice for a FFF user name, I am jealous and should have thought of that one in November 2001 when I signed up.

Welcome to the holy waters of cyber fly fishing.


PM Out

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I gave a Fenwick Techna AV 14' 9/10 wt rod a flick the other day and I found it to be fairly quick. Why was your friend asking specifically about these rods? Could he get a deal on them, or did he happen to just see them at the local shop and was inquiring if he should buy one of them or not?
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