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I have a custom made one.Great rod,a true 7 weight in my opinion,I hate rods marked as 7 weights and are really 8/9 weights.I don't fish skagit,only scandi and short belly lines and for me this is one of the nicest scandi rods I've cast and I have had and fished dozens of rods.Lines that I have found good on this rod are:
Rio Steelhead Scandi 435
Rio Steelhead Scandi 450
Rio AFS 7/8
Airflo Compact Scandi 450
Vision 8/9
Orvis Switch Line - 485 gr at 43 ft.
My rod weighs 6.8 ounces so you can cast her all day.
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Nova 1307

Thanks for the input... I Do want a 7wgt that can handle skagit with moderate sink tips... Some speed, not a full flex, I have a Dually 7 switch now but to bump up length and power a notch... BUT don't want to spend $8/$9 for one... Still waiting for more input
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