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Just thought I'd share experience I had speaking w Tim Gelinas, owner/designer of Farlex Reels, this morning. Up until today, I did not know Tim or much about his company, but he seems like one heck of a guy and the quality/craftsmanship of his products looks outstanding. I decided to make the switch from drag system reels to click n pawls, so we chatted about his reels, how he got started and even talked fishing up in BC for awhile. I was very impressed, not only by him, but also what I saw on his website and by many reviews I've read from others, including several SP members who love their farlex reels. I ended up purchasing the Farlex 3-3/4" platewind direct drive 2-way check. sounds freaking awesome on the video clips. Cant wait to hear this baby scream in BC this fall.

I just appreciate good quality items and great customer service... and like to acknowledge it when I see it. I'll post a pic when it arrives in a couple of weeks.
Thank you, Tim.
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