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I am selling 2 DVD's that I purchased two weeks ago, and a pair of
used Native Sunglasses w/ inter-changagable lens.
The DVD's are: Skagit Master 3 & Modern Spey Casting-Dec Hogan. Both DVD's are in perfect condition having only watched them once. I am asking for
$15 each and 3 bucks for shipping.

The sunglasses are Native Polarized (Silencer-Pale Ale Fade) They have inter-changable lenses : colors are amber, yellow, orange and have a soft case as well. I have used the glasses quite a bit. The yellow lens have the most wear and tear/ scratches the amber are lightly used, and the orange are in good condition. Basically Im looking to give these to a good home for $10 bucks and a couple bucks shipping. Im happy to send a photo of the glasses to anyone interested. Please PM me and be somewhat patient, Ill try to check my Pm's more frequently. Thanks Mark
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