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Hi all,
I am pretty new to the spey world. While practicing my casting on a nearby pond yesterday, I have encoutered a rather puzzling situation: I had the wind blowing hard (30-35 m/h) straight into my back. How is one supposed to cope with such conditions? I know I quit after 10 minutes of frustrartiion , being unable to build ANY kind of D-loop. My question is : "What are the tricks (besides quitting, of course) that help deal with a strong wind blowing straight into the back/face of the spey catser?"
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Time to roll cast! :D Actually that's only kind of a joke there's some truth to that.

Here's what goes thru my mind if fishing and not just practicing:

- throw a perry poke, goes like hell with a tailwind
- change to a shorter, denser line like a windcutter
- move to a different spot on the river
- work on a perfect arrow-pointed and energized d-loop motion possibly augmented with a circle single to kick it off, tuck it lower and tighter on the d-loop and pop it up high on the forward stroke to let the wind carry it like a sail

In that order :devil:

Seriously, I think the poke really helps as does a snap-t or other extra-tension cast. A shorter, denser head defeats wind much much better than a long gradual taper. The fish can't all be where you are casting at the moment, if there is a big bend down river maybe that's the magic spot today, the last one... well most of us are still working on that one. ;)

Good luck
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