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Does anyone know if there's a manufacturer that makes sink tips (not T-tips) heavier than 14 grains per foot?

I'm using 10' 140 grain sink tips from opst in different sink rates, but I need some more punch for some of the heavier and wind resistant flies I tied. T18 has a very fast sink rate and I was hoping to find a more elegant solution than just cutting different lenghts of T material.

And before anyone asks, yes I am a deranged lunatic who skagit casts 6+ inch flies with a skagit head and I'm trying to go even bigger. My homemade skagit heads are a danger to the general public and people standing too close to me, but they will handle anything up to T-23 if I wanted them to.

I just want some more control over the sink rate without changing my casting stroke too much.
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