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I just finished my 3rd viewing of John and Amy Hazel's Introduction to Spey Casting and I would recommend it as a great resource for a new spey caster. The tape/DVD is well organized, with clear instructions and great supplementary graphics. The target audience is beginning through intermediate spey casters and there is good footage and instruction of many of the Skagit Casts (Snap T/C/Circle Cast).

John and Amy give practical advice on tackle selection and Spey casting from an angler's/guide's perspective. John favors the underhand casting style and does a good job discussing the advantages of this method, so this would be a good resource for angler's interested in this approach, too.

Check it out!

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They have been on the outdoor network every sunday morning. The last half of the fly fihing show at 6:00 AM It has been very interesting to watch them. They are unbelievably relaxed in their casting. As soon as I watched it I saw what is wrong with my snake roll. Now its simple. The only thing I did not see was anything left hand up.

I think last weekend may have been their final presentation.

Maybe not Check it out. If you cant watch it for free it would be worth buying.


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2nd and 3rd these recommendations... took lessons from them last summer as i was breaking into spey casting. if you are so inclined with getting an instructor, John and Amy are definitely worth the investment. in the 9 hours on the river, I learned a lot about rod and line selection, casting mechanics, timing, etc. Plus, both John has been doing this a long time, and one of the "pioneers" in the PNW in bringing the technique here. has some great stories about the early sticks and lines.... Picking up the DVD (I recommend it over the video, easier to navigate!), was like being back on the river with them.
i agree, a great tool for the newbie, and i find myself going back to it often for "reminders" on key parts, like use of the underhand, timing of touchdown, keeping it nice and relaxed!!!!
and did i mention the shore lunch?????????
:D :D :D :D :smokin:

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Hey Johookum...

That is a really great tape. I sent you a PM. Take care, MJC
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