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Hey guys,

It pains me to do this. Up for sale is my english made Hardy Marquis Salmon #2. This is a MAR-KEE, not a korean made MAR-KWISS.

I imported this from england from the original owner. It cost me $400 for the reel, taxes and brokerage.

The reel comes with it's blue Hardy pouch with all lettering intact. It also comes with 200 yds of brand new white Scientific Anglers 30lb dacron backing. The new Rio Skagit Switch 475 gr head w/ integrated 100' rio running line can be included. Both the reel and the line have never been fished by me.

The reel is in fantastic condition. I've never seen an english made one so nice, which is why I spent top dollar. There is one minor mark on the right side of the back plate, and the palming rim has very slight, fine scratches on the silver ring which are un-noticable unless you bring it up to your face.

Extra springs & pawls are easily obtained. Brass ribbed foot will fit most reel seats - it fits my Sage 6129 VXP nicely, as seen in photo, which is considered to be a smaller seat. For 6-9 wt rods, 11-13.5' in length.

So why am I selling? I have a $650 Kingpin spey reel that I use as my daily driver. The measurements & weight of the Kingpin are nearly identical to the Marquis. I believe the measurements of the KP were based off the #2.


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