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Imagine 1,350 barrels went slight to Morice River :Eyecrazy::Eyecrazy: However, according to Enbridge its corporate shills like King Harper or Sarah Palin of BC ( C. Clark) NG can be safe.

Dec 19th, 2014:

Enbridge Inc. reported last night that they "shut down and isolated" the Line 4 pipeline at the Regina Terminal in Saskatchewan at approximately 10:55 p.m. MST yesterday, after a release from the line within the on-site pumping station.

The day began for at The Vancouver Observer yesterday with an email allegedly from an "Enbridge Inc. engineer" who wrote that, "We just had another massive oil leak on December 17 from our Line 4 oil pipelines in our Regina Terminal. This has not been made fully public yet."

"Initial estimates place the volume of the release at approximately 1,350 barrels (subject to change).

continue reading :


A “pinhole” leak was discovered earlier this week on an Enbridge pipeline in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, though no spill was associated with the incident.

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