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Emu Feathers

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Hey guys I need a bulk source of Real Emu Body Feathers.
I mean by the lb. or the oz I could give a rip.
I am getting tired of the 100 feathers for $10.00

Tight Lines
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Sorry I dont have a source for bulk emu feathers but I was curious what you tie with them, if you dont mind me asking. I have absolutely fallen in love with them for wrapping with ostrich herl on my Spades...like the Spade that is pictured in my avatar.
NrthFrk 16

Been busy tying and have little time to post.
The Emu feathers are for peeping cadis and I use them for callors on some grub patterns.

I use them on great lakes steelhead and trout Hex nymph patterns to provide a breathing gill effect in place of filoplume and marabou at times.

Seem to work OK. Gives a webby effect, etc...
NrthFrk 16
Here is a picture of the grub and the peeping caddis.


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Thanks for posting the pic...those are some killer looking flies!! :)

Hay thanks guys for the e-mails on the sources for Emu Feathers.

Now I got to get dying and start tying.

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