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The Emerald World Masters are taking place in carton house co. kildare ireland in just over 2 weeks time.For me the most exciting event will be the EWM spey team event.This includes 5 men per team from most countries around the world.There you will see the best spey casters the world has to offer.Im sure it will be a very tight compititon:Eyecrazy: but i know who ive my money on:smokin:.So if you can try and get along to carton house.You wont be dissapointed.


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Your track record along with mine at betting is abysmal ,remember Silver Dip:tsk_tsk: Im still trying to recover financially from that one.

If I became a betting man again I think I might take you on.There will be teams from all over the world coming to this event,the winning team may well come from an Eastern block country,where they are sponsored to the point where it is their full time job.In the qualifiers for this event 2,800 guys cast out for 9 places,to represent their country.

I think that team Norway will be one of the hot favourites,along with team USA,these guys are superstars in their own backyard,and I am positive that the likes of Steve Raejeff,could be the best Speycaster in the world if he practiced,which I am sure he will be.
I think home advantage will play a big part in this event,just like any World class event,the host nation always rises to the occasion,I watched them at their prelimanary qualifiers in Sligo a few weeks ago,and they have a very impressive team of Speycasters,who are practicing together on a regular basis under the watchful eye of the man himself,Brendan Begley,who has yet to show his true form,thats casting not drinking Brandy:Eyecrazy: .When I saw him casting at Sligo his mind was not exactly on the ball,he had other things on his mind,if he gets a clear head on the platform,watch out for something special,he has a very effective technique.
Dont forget there will also be Team Scotland,S.C.A.they have a great chance as well,they have what will probably be the most experienced team at the event,I have noticed lately that their Mancurian team member,has nearly got the astoturf on the practice platform worn through,so there will be no lack of trying there.
I am led to beleive that expectations are running feverishly high,that the World record will be beaten at this event,wouldnt that be a great great acheivement in its 1st year,raising the barrier yet again.
I hope the event will be a resounding success,so that the sport can be put in the spotlight,and get the recognition that it truly deserves.This will only become a benefit to all the nations competing if everyone taking part,does so for the right reasons,and not just to get their name in lights.

So I will take you on for that pound Malcolm,I will go for home advantage and will say Team Ireland will win,:smokin:
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