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I just received this rod yesterday and have spent a couple of hours fooling around with it. The Echo folks recommended the Airflo 40+ 6 wt as an overhead line and that seems to work OK, although I doubt that I will do much overhead casting with it. The only other lines on the chart for this rod are a 270 grain Scandi, the Airflo 4 wt Float Switch, and the 4 wt Streamer Switch.

I don't know anything about the latter two lines other than what I read on the Airflo site. Can anyone share some experiences with them? Also, the grain window given to me was 210-270, so I was surprised to see the Scandi rec at the top of the window.

Last night I cut 31' feet off a DT9F line and looped it to a running line and I worked good. The grain weight as around 250 as near as I could tell.

Any experiences or wisdom would be appreciated.



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First off, I know about the 2 Airflo lines that you mentioned but too afraid to send such coins without solid reviews.
Just last weekend, I tested the same Echo 4108 with Scandi Beulah Elixir V2 250 grain 23ft with various 7ft SH polyleaders casting nymph to general practitioner. It casts really well and tend to be in the lighter side, perhaps 10ft Versileader will be better. Or Elixir V2 275 with SH 7ft polyleaders will be spot on. For overhead, I am using the Rio 6wt LT DT.
I am waiting for the Airflo Compact Rage 300 to try with the Echo.
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