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What kind of a head length are you intersted in? The Airflo scandi 7/8 will work well.

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scandi head and skagit

probably MJC have more experience...
I have the same rod and I`m very happy with Scandi head Airflo 7/8 450 grains with running line. also I have a skagit head Airflo 6/7. I never use another line with this VERY NICE rod :) .

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Thanks. Here's a very cool message I received directly from Echo as an FYI:

"Hey there Sean,
Thanks for buying the Echo2. We have some pretty cool line ideas for that
rod. That rod was built for Scandinavian style casting using the "A" tip.
This is a floating line, shooting head system for long casts over spooky
alantic salmon. For floating we built that rod using an Airflo 7/8
Scandinavian shooting head. With a shooting head you will need a running
line. I use the Airflo Miracle Braid running line. (less coils and Floats
nice) For an intermediate line we recommend looping on an intermediate
poly-leader. Now for your sinking line. Using your "D" Throw on an Airflo
9/10 Skagit Shooting head. The Skagit System gets you down quick and there
you have it. Your water Covered from top to bottom."

I thought that was very interesting that they responded so quickly.


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9/10 ???

Hello sean - I have that rod also, Pleasure to use, light in the hands.

I question to 9/10 skagit line rec, typo maybe? Here is info from 2 sources:

Rio rod reccomendations pdf says 450gr skagit Tip or 600gr skagit float.

Airflow skagit specs:
9/10 is 650gr + sinktip = 750gr, 35' w/o tip, rec 14'rod
6/7 is 440gr + st = 520gr, 30' w/o tip, rec 12.5'rod
7/8 is 470gr + st = 560gr, 32' w/o tip, rec 13' rod

I would think that the 6/7 or maybe 7/8 is the right one.

Tim Rajeff emailed me after some questions and stated that the rod is designed for 450-475 grain lines (OH or scando, so skagit will be heavier).

After breaking a custom line, I used a 91011 windcutter w/out the middle section. wt=457gr
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