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To all concerned.
I will be leaving in the morning for the Park.Therefore I won't be able to answer any questions regarding the Clave.
Everthing is all set.Caterers are booked for Friday through to Sunday lunch.Breakfast,lunch and supper.
Please do not mail any more cheques as I wont be able to collect them from my mail.
Upon arrival please come to the registration tent to sign in and collect your registration package.Which will include an agenda for the event plus some other goodies.
See you there.
Regards Neil.:smokin:

chrome-magnon man
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Virus Alert Eastern Clave

I am adding this here for Neil:

Virus Alert-Eastern Clave
Peter Charles asked me to post this message as he is currently out of town.
Peter added an agenda on the Registration tab on the Eastern web site and it appears it has a virus.
Please DO NOT open this file until Peter gets a chance to fix it on his return on Tuesday.
Please pass this message on to any one you know who uses the site.
Thankyou Neil.

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Great Clave

Neil--You and Rick are to be commended for the wonderful weekend on the Grand..as you know this was my first as I am new to spey fishing....the pros were tops--they sure make it look easy. I am impressed that you guys could get so many experts of that calibre there for us..

It was well organized and the draws were great--can't begin to tell you how much I like the CND Custom Spey 13' rod and the other great prizes I won.

Heard a lot of compliments about the weekend---I, for one, will be there next year.

Last, but not least, what a great group of people to spend the weekend with.

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