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Durham Ranger Inspired

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Well.... more like poached than inspired :hihi:
Argus wing and teal dyed heron tied on a size 1 Blue Heron/Dave McNeese hook. Big and colorful for winter time.

I just recently picked up these larger size Blue Heron hooks from AO Feathers and they seem to me to be inbetween about a 2/0 and 3/0, very nice hooks and a size I like. I have used the smaller size 3 a couple of times this year fishing for summer fish and was blown away at the ruggedness and holding power of these hooks, they seem to stay crazy sharp forever, no need to reach for the hone thru the entire day! Thank-you for such beautiful and well made hooks Mr. McNeese!

Cheers and tight lines.
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SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this one

Very nice looking ranger CaneCaster.

Best Regards, Ken
Nicely done, James .........
Dude - my favorite one from your vise (so far) - nice one brah!

did you photo a textbook page?
flytying textbook/magazine perfect
Thanks for the kind words fellas! I went thru the added step of a full tinsel underbody on this one in the hopes that it would just glow in the low light of a winter morning tailout.

Dingle.... textbook? Sure "hackle breaking for ham-handed dummies" might be an appropriate title :chuckle::chuckle::chuckle:
Oh yes, that will glow, James. She will glow for sure!! Beautiful!!!!

Damn Buddy!

That's sweet. Super clean and tight. Killer job!
A very nice Dee !!
Very nicely tied , thanks for sharing this one :)


Great flee here...
she looks like the "tarted-up" cousin to the Dodger Dee & snow fly!!
Beautiful colors.

I have to keep coming back to this post James, what an incredible tie. Well done.
Very true, I didn't see that before. The fly sort of does have the feel of a Dodger with a short skirt, heels and a bit of lipstick! Hopefully she can attract some attention down-the-pub :chuckle:

BCBound. It's not hard to come by the inspiration with this beauty hanging in my shop!

Tied by BCBound and raffled to benefit Movember/Men's Cancers

Thanks again fellas.
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I have to keep coming back to this post James, what an incredible tie. Well done.
I was just thinking the same thing!!

Damn that's awesome Brotha!! Gonna have to dust of the vise and make my own feeble attempt at that one!!

Nice work,
Beauty of a fly James, gonna fish that when you come to OR??

You betcha Todd! But the question is will you fish with a partner that is not fishing a dry line :hihi:

That's a beauty James! The McN hook looks good blinded. Those hooks have sure been flying out the door lately....

Have a great New Year!

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