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Up for an exchange of a Dunt? the pattern looks magical in the water.
Random selection, you will be sending direct to your exchange tyer.
Due : Feb. 1st
any size iorn, make "ONE " any way you prefer (vise, or in-hand)

1) dd
2) borderfly
3) backeddy
4) mzilliox
5) aaronostoj
6) fishon4evr
7) jabrowning24
8) canecaster
9) marty
10) sandinista
11) brookie
12) allen s
13) beauly
14) shaq


canecaster & jbrowning
marty & fishon4ever
sandinista & aaronostoj
brookie & mzilliox
allen & backeddy
beauly & borderfly
shaq & dingle down

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I would really like to be a part of this , the Dunt is on my list of favorites to fish ..... but alas , my card is full :(

Everyone , please post your work , I will be eager to see your interpretations of such a great pattern !!


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I would Say

Talk about intimidation

Well as they say no guts no glory

wow, shapign up to be the sexiest swap I've participated in, thanks all you tiers.:D

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I think you are in Sandinista, with one more space if I can still count... Probably wrapping a couple Dunts tonight and tomorrow. need em for fishing, but the prettiest one goes to my trade buddy. Gonna maybe straighten out some Partridge hooks for dees... best all

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Feel free to start your patterns
Let the roster run for another day or so, then we will exchange names.
1 - 20 of 122 Posts