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Few questions regarding Durham Ranger flies.

I like to research the pattern to be tied to its original orgins and the way they been dressed originally. I trust what I am able to gather online because I can't afford what Francis or Kelson wrote. When I know the original dressing then I put a twist of my own in areas where I feel its needed. Good example is Akroyd fly. As far as I know rear hackle was golden pheasant crest but I like most other tiers incorporate rooster hackle. To my question...

What is the original recipe for Durham Ranger? There are so many variations today that it makes it hard to trace what it was when it was first tied. What color body floss was used? Some use yellow while others use orange. My biggest consern is the body hackle. I've seen yellow, orange, badger... you name it..! I think that yellow badger looks best but I would like to keep that in its pure form. Also, do originals calls for second pair of jungle cock as cheeks? I've seen some tied this way. Was herl or wool called for the head? I thank all historians of salmon fly literature in advance!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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