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This past weekend, it was hot in the mid 90's in the shade and hotter in the sun.

I took my 6126 with my Mid Spey 7/8 to the local river. My vehicle was hot and due to a couple of phone calls, the rod inside the case was in the vehicle for about 30 minutes before I left home.

Then, I drove to the river w/o the AC (another 10 Minutes). Next I walked to the sunny spot where I cast with no wading. The rod case was very hot, and so was the rod, reel and line inside of it. I put the hot stuff together, and I stripped the line out on the shore in the sun where I have cast before with no problems. The water was warm in the 70's with an incoming tide.

I couldn't even roll cast the line. I ended up with line knots which I have never had and leader knots and line all over the rod when I tried. After I got un knotted I got the line out and tried a small double spey, and the result was even worse. :mad:

After I untangled my line (during the process I hooked myself) :eek: , I decided slowly get the line into the river to cool to at least river temp. After about 3 minutes of minimal cooling, I was able to cast okay.

Since I was Striper fishing after a few casts without striping in the line, I stripped in the line. Since I can't wade in this spot, the line ended up on shore in the sun. The next cast was another Sphagetti mess. After that mess was taken care of, I just let the line go downstream with no stripping in, and I had no problem casting.

I have casted in hotter weather, but usually I was in a cold river and the line got cold just by wading out and stripping the line out. So have had no problems with the exception of one other time. I had something similar happen last September on the lower Rogue, I was wading down stream and felt the water temp go up. In a couple of minutes, the line was not behaving as before. I moved back upstream into cooler and more rapid running water and the line returned to normal. That was with a Grand Spey. It was in the afternoon and the air temp was about 90 and the water where I had the problem was notably warmer to point I could feel the difference even with Gore Tex Waders.

Has anyone else had this happen on really warm days.
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