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Looking forward to tomorrow/Saturday.

Bob Munoz is flying south tomorrow for a couple of days on the Rogue. He/I will meet up with Doc Jay Beckstead on Sat. am at zero dark 30.

If I can keep these two from 'talking shop' for the day should be a great outing on the river. If not, all my medical needs could/should be met.

Bob, don't forget the bottle of 'single malt.':devil:

Edit thing here: If you haven't met either/both of these fellows you've got a true treat in store. Doc Bob is the second fellow (Steve Choate) whose called me 'Freddie' in probably 50 years.

Warm HUGS to them both. See you tomorrow at the air-o-drome in Ash-a-land.

Ya Baby!!:smokin:
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