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To what extent do you include fish management in your lessons?
Do you approach Fighting and Landing fish in your lesson plans?
How deep do you go into fish management?
How do you approach "playing" fish?
What do you instruct for handling "landed" fish?
What do you instruct for "releasing" fish?

I'm will be giving a 11 week fly fishing course at Western Oregon University this spring here in Orygun and would like some input in fish management. More information is always helpful. Thanks for your input.

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11 weeks! Wow. That's great, I envy your students.

When guiding folks I talk a LOT about fish fighting and handling but I don't really spend a lot of time in casting classes talking about this. I do however cover "fishing" verses just casting, and will talk about anything fish related as much as the group will stand. :)

However that's a casting class, I would think an 11 week flyfishing course would definitely include fish fighting and handling material.

- proper power rod / line / tippet for fast fights
- hook configs - barbless singles etc
- water temperature / avoidance of low oxygen conditions
- stage in the life cycle to target
- sparky's law
- current verses frog water
- no knotted nets, or no nets period
- choosing the right spot for your fish to 'rest'


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You hit a couple of points I need to include. This is why this forum is SO great, - There is always MORE information to include and sometimes we don't see the trees because of the forrest.
Hook choice slipped my mind. Also what is Sparky's Law? And, clarify "rest" water. Do you mean after unhooking the fish to release is calm water?

Loved your input Juro, hope all well. Klem,.....................::::::::::::::>
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