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First off, as this is my first post on this forum, I would like to start by saying hi to you all and greetings from Finland! Some great stuff here about casting and fishing!

Then on to my topic, I haven't seen discussion about these three casts that I use quite often in my fishing. I didn't want to start three new topics so I just put them all under this one. Although I fish SH only, I suppose they're the same with DH also.

First, perhaps the most useful of these three, is one that i use a lot streamer fishing and when stripping the head in all the way to the leader connection. When you do this, you usually have to wiggle and waggle and roll cast the head back out just to make a new cast. So the solution to avoid this is to make a circle c with a exaggeratedly large circle, letting line slip freely out all the way through. You can also let line slip on the sweep into the D loop and, at least with a single hander, pick the extra slack into a nice large D loop with a haul. This way you can, with a little practice, slip out a surprisingly long head with just one move without any need for that wiggle waggle stuff.

Then, the next one that I would like to talk about, is a variation of the double spey. I find it is easier to set the anchor consistently in the right way with this one, and it makes small angle changes with the double spey also easier.
Goes like this: Right handed caster, river right, line on the dangle. So the usual situation for the double spey. Lift the line with a clockwise circle and at the same time sweep the line upstream and into the bank, same as you would with a normal double spey. The clockwise circle movement is exactly the same as in a river left snap c. Anchor lay out and the rest of the cast is similar to a regular double spey.
I usually don't use the double spey while fishing, just because I find it that much more boring than a snake roll, for example. But this variation i actually find quite fun to do!

And finally the third cast, the snap lift single spey (this is also called snap z in some circles). This I also find a very fun cast to do, and it also does serve a purpose. I find it useful for a) lifting very long heads into switch/ single spey casts and b) making large changes of direction with the single spey, much like with the spiral single.
It's basically an aerialized snap t cast with a touch & go anchor.

Here's an old picture sequence from Sexyloops that should clarify the snap lift motion: http://www.sexyloops.com/picofday/sexyloops/sexyloops7.shtml

With the snap lift you get a highly dynamic D loop, even with the long heads without too much fear of missing the anchor. And it could also be used to try and dry your dry fly a bit.

What do you guys think about these? Any other uses or variations of these casts that you've found working?

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