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Looking to get in one last trip here this fall.

I've been from Macks to the mouth quite a few times now and feel like I know it pretty well.
I've never been from Warm Springs to Maupin and I am considering doing something like Warm Springs or Trout Creek to Harpham.
But I also wouldn't mind just running Macks down since I know specific campsites and runs to fish.

What I'm wondering is this late in the season is the fishing considered to be better up high?
Are the fish pretty much spread out evenly through the river making the lower river just as good an option as the upper or do you have a better chance of being amongst a higher concentration of fish by going up high?

I'd kind of like to just enjoy the new water up high but I know I could fish more effectively in the lower river with places to camp that will give me several areas to fish within walking distance without having to explore and learn new water.
New water would be fun but I won't be alone so I guess I'm looking to maximize opportunity for the people with me who haven't been there before.
I have a wall tent and all that, a serious raft and have been running rivers for 30 years so I'm not worried about the rapids. I've run plenty of serious whitewater.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PM me if you prefer.


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November/December is a good time anywhere on the river. Things might be a little slower and more difficult with the recent cold snap and big snowfall we had, but that should be over and melted (maybe) by next weekend. If you want numbers, the upper river has more fish although there will be more hatchery fish present and the fish will be darker having been in the river longer. Down low there will be fresh fish still coming in for a couple months but there will be less of them. On the plus side those lower river fish will mostly be wild and there will be a number of big Idaho B run fish spending the winter on the lower stretches. I think either trip would be productive and you'll find fish anywhere you go on the 100 miles of river, plus the crowds are gone.
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