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Every once in a while a post like this is needed to remind us all that it's important to keep things civil around here, so here goes:

It gives me a great deal of pride to know that the Speyclave is a site where the mods rarely need to step in and delete threads or give members a bad time about their conduct. Recently some of the posts have gotten personal and now seems like a good time to step in and provide a friendly reminder of "The Rules":

Rule #1: be polite and keep it above the belt. Flaming or other forms of personal attack will not be tolerated. Posts will be deleted and individuals banned if things get ugly.

Rule #2: see Rule #1.

Fortunately the Speyclave is frequented by most of the top and most influential speycasters on the planet, and many of these folks freely offer their information, feedback, advice etc, and everyone has an opportunity to interact with them. We also have the good fortune to have casters from all over the world--yes, thousands of them--participating in the free exchange of information that makes the Speyclave the biggest and best Spey site on the web. One of the hallmarks of our success is mutual respect and noble conduct, and I'm not at all interested seeing it degenerate into anything else.

Enjoy the site and participate often, and please keep things reasonable and ethical.
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