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Looking for some help finding a repair center for a Danielsson LW-4seven. i've searched and can't locate anybody to repair the drag. I would prefer somebody here in the states or Canada. If you know anybody, I appreciate your knowledge.

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Maybe Worth

touching base with Archuletta in Oregon, If he does not I am sure he will know who does and if not maybe overseas is the only option

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Consider do it yourself?

Sorry to hear you had problems. The LW 4/7 is one of my most used reels, amazing piece of equipment.

A very helpful quote from another member here in a dated thread that's pretty accurate and explanatory. Even includes link to images of both the LW and HD drag components (it's still live, just checked) Language is Finnish but guessing you could use a program to translate.

I've had both LW and HD reels tore down to convert to either left hand retrieve or vice-versa for myself and friends. They're fairly simple to work with and sometimes the best service can be accomplished right at home.

Good luck.. B

Want to get it working?
Just get new belleville washers, new carbon discs (just in case), clean the drag and assemble with new parts. The parts are not shown in webshop, but you can get them from Danielsson with much much less than shipping the reel back and forth.

- Remove the cap from spool side, remove the spool and the "star" that retains it.
- Loosen the hex screws from drag knob and remove drag knob.
- Unscrew the shaft totally while holding the drag and housing with the other hand from the other side (preferably reel backside pointing down).
- Remove the drag housing and place in on the table (star against the table)
- Remove the part with teeth for the clicker and inside thread for the shaft
- Remove the belleville washers
- Take the housing and turn it upside down against the table and lift the housing with slow straight movement so that all parts inside come out as a stack.
- Take notice of the order of parts and which way the one way bearing is.
- Clean and install with clean old parts and new parts at reverse order.

If you messed up the order, the correct order of the drag pieces starting from the bottom of the housing:
1 stainless steel drag washer
2 carbon disc
3 one way bearing
4 carbon disc
5 stainless steel drag washer
6 axial bearing (ball bearing)
7 belleville washers, they must be installed large diameters agains each other, like this: ()
8 toothed hollow part with the thread inside

It is not necessary to remove the shaft from the reel, but it is push and pull if you want to. If you missed which way the one way bearing should be installed, just try it on the shaft (either on the reel or removed).

Here is a link, which I hope does not break the rules of this board to a post in a Finnish forum with pictures of LW (top rows) and HD (bottom rows) drags disassemled.

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I have lots of different Danielsson reels ( LW, HD, L5W, anti-revers Control) and even spare parts ( drags plates, washers, seals, etc) . What is your problem ?

If you are not able to repair yourself, as long as you are willing to pay for shipping I can do it for you at not cost.

Before we go further, please post some photos and describe the problem.

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'Bll is the Boy.'

I contacted Bill and he was willing to take a look for me to see if he could fix it. I appreciate the responses and advice.
You bust a reel, any kind of reel, if it can be repaired he can do the job. Have one I need to send to him; a bad buy off a fly board. Know these reels and not to hard to see why it was 'for sale.' In present condition its a paper weight.

Not pleased!:saevilw:
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