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Our Brown trout season started up again last weekend and I found myself sharing a beautiful Boston Whaler on a highland lake in a pretty consistent snowstorm. A south west gale at about 20 knots. Prior to starting out the days fishing we did our usual comparison of flies and laid our usual wagers on the outcome. Thanks to some serious encouragement and support from some well known Spey Pages stalwarts I was armed with several Lady Caroline flies. Not the best tied or most elegant LC's ever seen but mighty different from the paltry buggers everyone else was committing to.
The verbal onslaught was relentless until I swam one past the boat just to see what the right retrieve was to get those belly hackles moving. Things went a bit quiet.
Within the hour that beautiful fly went past the nose of several hefty browns and when the third one came aboard with a Lady Caroline firmly set in it's jaw my bottle of single malt was assured.
I couldn't help it, I just had to do a wee little SPEY dance. A 13' Beulah, a snowstorm and a Lady Caroline tied just the day before. Good things those Boston Whalers, steady as.
Thanks to Shawn and Mark and whoever it was that first built that ripper of a fly so many decades ago. Its going to be a fun season. Cheers.... Jimmy
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