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I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined St Croix as a member of their Pro Staff, and I look forward to working closely with the St Croix team.

As Speypages regulars will know I’ve always been impressed with St Croix’s two-handers. I cast their original 14ft 9 weight years ago, and at the time felt that its performance was tough to beat at any price. But it was their Legend Ultra series of Spey rods that really caught my attention when they were introduced this year. The Legend Ultras offer the exceptional design, workmanship and performance of a premium Spey rod at a great price. And when combined with their Avid series Spey rods, St Croix now has a complete range of top-quality two-handers that will meet the needs and fit the budget of any Spey angler. Cast one, and like me, you’ll be convinced: St Croix makes great Spey casting rods that are a whole lot of fun to fish.

Oh, and did I mention that St Croix has also joined us as Speypages sponsors as well as sponsoring our upcoming DVD?

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St.croix Ift 1308

DANA-Now that you are with St. Croix I might as well put you to work.What line will work best for me with this rod.?My understanding is that some of the St.Croix Spey rods should be downloaded. I am a novice at best and am trying to learn the snake and traditional double spey before I take on the single which I understand is the toughest. I recently purchased an IFT 1308 the rod I would like the line info for.
PS 15 yrs ago or thereabouts; before I saw the light I built up a 14 ft ST.CROIX 9-10 weight Spey rod ;or so I was told: into a drift rod.That rod just retired after 15 years on the Fraser throwing 2-4 oz of lead an average of 90 days per season 8-10 hrs/day hooking an average of 40-60 "KING" or Chinnook Salmon and hundreds of sockeye per season without one failure. This is one testimonial to the product you are representing.Now I hope the new generation rods can stand up to that. Keith:
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