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Sort of hurts to part with this, given the current state of Anglers Roost, but I gotta fund another toy.

My own build on a 14ft 5/6 IM8 blank from Anglers Roost.
There’s plenty of info on this blank via a search on this site, but it’s one of Johnny’s more highly regarded tapers - with the original tip it’s actually a fast, Scandi style 7wt (475-510 Scandi) rather than the listed 5/6.

Also comes with a stronger “turbo tip” that makes the rod bend deeper into the blank and will carry a few more grains. I can’t take credit for this idea (see Yoda’s posts on the ARE Master Thread for more details) but I like the rod better with the turbo tip - less tippy, more full flexing, and fast recovery.

It’s been test cast for an hour or so, but never fished. I just dont get to big water enough to hang onto it.

Anglers Roost price for for the built rod without the turbo tip was $140US. My build and components are nicer if I do say so myself and I’d like to get $175 US (or $225CAD) + actual shipping.

Trying to post pictures from my phone but I doesn’t want to work. Will update with photos ASAP, or email them.

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