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Here's a ridiculous post...

A few years back, I tied a bunch of bonefish and permit flies for a day or two of fishing during a family vacation to Belize. Tying a ton of flats flies got sort of tedious after a while, so I tied a little "diversion fly" for fun. It was a bonefish fly in form, but tied in the style of a "classic" salmon fly. My former dog, Paulie, was in the room when I tied it. He was a crazy lab x chow mix, so I named the fly after him.

Originally, I planned on tying the fly on when the guide wasn't looking, then showing it to him right before I cast into a school of wary bonefish. :chuckle: :tsk_tsk:You know...just for a few laughs. Unfortunately, cold fronts never made that a reality and bonefishing has pretty much been a bust for me.

This morning, before I left the house to go shad fishing, I put a backup fly box in the car. When I looked in the box, I noticed Crazy Paulie, still pristine and unfished after five years. I did pretty well today, so I thought I'd have a little fun on my last pass through the pool.

I tied Crazy Paulie on and caught a shad on my first cast! After landing a small male, I promptly hooked and landed my biggest shad of the day, a 5lb. female. I landed a third in short order, then lost a fourth. What started as a gag turned out to be a great decision. I have a fly box "scrap book" that, as of tonight, has a new addition!

First cast Shad...

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