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Another early morning wake up. The same as many others. I woke up got a cup of coffee made and then started packing all my gear. Checking todays forcast on my phone. I could tell it was going to be another great day. After getting all packed and finishing my coffee it was time to head up to my cousin's house so we could carpool in his truck to the river.

I show up he is getting his gear loaded and packed. I do the same transferring my gear into his rig. His wife comes out and wishes us a very fun and safe trip the bond those two have is a very special one. It makes me so happy seeing him happy. We load up and head out. It's a chill drive not much traffic and a little talking between the both of us. We both could feel it the makings of an epic day were ahead of us.

As the river came into sight there was a heavy fog sitting on the water. It looked absolutely amazing! We pulled in and started to rig up. Looking around I wasn't expecting so many people on the river on the day before Thanksgiving.
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We hurried and got the rest of our stuff setup and on. We then started making our way down to our favorite piece of water. As we came by other great runs we noticed people in almost all of them.
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We came to the up to our spot and luckily no one was in it. Totally untouched! I told Kurt to have first shot. I was going to take photos with my new camera and practice.

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He made his way through the run slowly and methodically. Picking its best parts apart. Nothing it was my turn with a different fly. I stepped in with my Beulah 12'8 7wt and started my process. The cold morning air was so crisp. The fog a mysterious wonder. My casts started close and then slowly made there way out. I made my way through the run fishing with confidence, but with nothing to show for it. We rested the run and Kurt hopped back in working the water perfect. He did change his fly. As we were talking Kurt said "Okay right now." As if the fish listened to him he hooked up.
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This fish was huge I've never seen a 7wt spey rod bend like his was. You could tell the fish really didn't care how much pressure he was putting to it. It started to just peel line off his reel and go.
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As it continued to peel line you can tell the rod wasn't liking this at all. The there it was about 100 yards down river we see it's body and tail thrash. It's tail paddle was the size of a huge dinner plate and it's body was bigger than anything I've seen in person. We both said it at the same time "Chinook". It had to have been at least 20lbs.
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As the fish continued to fight all of a sudden the rod went limp and the thrashing down river stopped. Our hearts racing we both said "****". It was an epic fight that lasted about 1-2 mins.
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He was crushed it was the biggest fish he has ever hooked on the fly. We decided after all that the rest of the run was done. We then moved on and fished another popular run. We had no success but we had fun and enjoyed the rest of the day.
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It was an epic day on the water. Sharing it with family is a blessing, and even though we didn't catch anything it was a trip we both will never forget.

- Austin
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