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SOLD Couple 3D Power Tapers FS

Up on the block are two Triple Density Power Tapers. Both have been cut back and have welded loops on the back end. Both come with box and both have been used a couple dozen times.

Guideline 3D 10/11 Int/S2/S4 cut at 37 feet and weighing in at 538 grains. This is a sweet fishing line but its a tad heavy for my set up and went with a 9/10. $SOLD shipped CONUS.

Guideline 3D 9/10 S3/S5/S7 cut at 32 feet and weighing in at 470 grains. This is definitely a specialty head for use in those deep dark bends. It drops about as fast as an anchor. I think this line was mislabeled as well and was actually a 10/11 if you look at the power taper calculator it can't be a 9/10. Regardless it's around 470 grains at 32 feet. $SOLD shipped CONUS.

Paypal preferred and I'll cover the charges. PM if interested. T. Hanks



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