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A super- slick spey line designed for shooting greater distances. The middle color creates a “window” of opportunity on where to pick up the line for extremly effective spey casting. Perhaps the best all around floating spey line available. Great distance line for both spey and overhead casting.
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I dont work for cortland, and am not shilling, but am wondering what peolpe think of this line? That it is super slick caught my eye.

I know their is no way I would buy a multi tip line from them, they dont have a type 7 or 8 tip (6 is the max) and they dont have a compensator.

PS: I am not buying this, I returned a new product and am exchanging for this. I am getting a 7/8 for a tfo 6 weight. Did I screw up, and should of gotten a 5/6?

I am thinking of getting a anderson 5/6, and THOUGHT I read jeff puttnam say you should upline anderson's, but gary himself told me the 5/6 doesnt cast a windcutter 7/8/9 very well. So would a anderson 5/6 not cast a cortland 7/8 well?
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