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Hi all.

Well obviously it would be fantastic if such a system could actually come into practical fuction.
I do however see that become a huge problem ! Whatever rod type, line type and guidelines you make, nothing can take the human differ-factor into consideration. You need no more than two or three guys using the same outfit, and they will use it and perform completely different. I know guys using same rods but loading them with different lines and weights all up to 15 - 20 grams diff. on same head length - I forinstance would use a MS 8-9-10 on my 15´rod and my Norwegian friend will use the MS 9-10-11 on the same rod - how to guide that !!!!
We get the fly out the same way/distance/accuracy/presentation.

Funny enough - I used to think that, you could tell the personality of a person by his casting style. This does not seem to stick, I know some pretty "fast" guys you would think would "punch" that rod, but no, on the river, they calm down absolutely and "do that gentle swing". Contrary you can often see that almost invisible silent guy become a monster with a rod in his hand, throwing a rough swing with an (in my terms) overrated line !

As for rod design - type ranking, we are different. A fast rod to you might be moderate to me, and the load we need to "FEEL" right could be completely different, I cannot see how to guide that.
I appreaciate that you can indicate the rods action-type and aftm-rating APPROX.

I generally only see line-and rod weight guiding as a problem to less experienced anglers, - if not guided professionally enough in the store. (This is unfortunately quite often a great problem in Scandinavia).
Experienced anglers would get a test line or go test it at a store/river/pond to ascertain correct weight at a specific rod - as it should be. You wouldnt by your shoes without trying !!!!!!

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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