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A buddy of mine, who is a guide is wanting to sell this rod:
12’ 2" 5/6 used just a handful of times...in excellent condition with plastic still on the grip......this rod retails for $525.....you're getting a steal with a price of $340 which includes UPS shipping in the US!!!!!

The ‘trouter’ of the CND line. These rods are designed for serious Spey casters tracking trout.

There is no warranty card with this rod, but here is CND's policy if damage occurs to your rod:

Warranty and Service Information:

All CND Rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials, manufacture and workmanship for the lifetime of the original registered owner. *Defective rods will be repaired or replaced at no cost to those who are registered under warranty (except for shipping and handling charges) for one year from the date of purchase. Thereafter, each warranty repair or replacement section will incur a nominal cost of $65 plus shipping and handling charges.

*Please note: generally, if a product is going to fail due to defects, it will do so during the first day or two that it is used. If the product fails after extensive use, it is most likely that reasons other than manufacturer defects are the cause of the failure.

Accidental breakage (non-warranty) will be handled at a reasonable cost. Owner will be quoted cost of repair before proceeding with work. Allow 3-4 weeks for all repairs or replacements.

Rods returned for replacement or repair (warranty or non-warranty) must be shipped postage paid and insured for both damage and loss. See your dealer about packaging materials for shipment of rods for warranty or repair, or contact your nearest UPS Store – they package and insure for damage during shipment for a small charge. CND SPEY USA cannot be responsible for shipping damage or loss. Rods damaged during shipment due to inadequate packaging will likely be subject to additional charges for repair
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