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CND Rod Blanks

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I heard CND would soon be selling rod blanks. Does anyone know when they are going to start? I am very interested in getting one as a winter project. I have not heard of one negative word about these rods.

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Hi Charlie -

The intent is to make blanks for Expert and Custom series rods available when demand reaches critical mass (there are no plans to sell Specialist and Atlantis blanks at this time).

I apologize on behalf of CND North America that they are not already available, as we forge ahead in our inaugural year we are focused on the 14 rod models we either have released or are actively field testing for release very soon.

I hope we are able to focus on blanks in 2004, again it will depend on demand. Thanks for the inquiry and keep voicing your interest to help us gauge the interest.

Hey Juro,

Holly smokes Juro, I finally got a full day chance to cast several of the CNDs that Aaron and Jack brought to the Ashland gathering yerterday and you and all concerned should be VERY proud of this series of rods !

If it could ever work out in the future that rod builders would be able to work with these blanks...Well...I for one think that you may be suprized by the interest that opportunity would generate among the rod building community.

Absoultely and totally impossible to say what was a favorite with all the rods there, but for me the 13'8" for 9 wt. that was designed by Ed/Marlo was pure magic...Dang that was a nice feeling rod.

Another rod that really shined amoungst the locals that cast her was the new Lamiglas 6 piece 14' for 9/10....I think a great rod for the lower Rogue bright King fishery...Sure like where Lami's going with these new rods.

Shoot, I could go on way to much here, but all and all... These are good times indeed for all us "Spey Folk"....What a selection of Fine tools we have....Accross the board.

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Thanks for the reply. And please let me know when you are ready to market the blanks. You already have one sold. All I need is a price and a place to send the check.

I think Bob Meiser is correct. Once you get them out there they will sell like gang-busters.

Thanks Charlie
In terms of interest I am itching to get my hands on the blank for the 16.5 foot Thompson river rod - I know this rod is not yet available in a blank format and can only plead that this changes in the near future
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