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I have read references to the new CND Greaserliner series. Since there is not a CND dealer in my area I was the specifics of this new rod series. What lengths and weights are coming? When will the rods be available? And, most importantly what applications are the rods designed for?

I have halso seen reference to the CND tracker series? Same questios: What lengths and weights are coming? When will the rods be available? And, most importantly what applications are the rods designed for?

David Dornblaser
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David -

Sorry I was out of town and just saw this post.

Due to international branding needs we will be calling the summer run series the CND Solstice Series. These rods are made for fishing the longest days of the year, the summer solstice - the summer angler knows them well - up at 3:30am, fish until 10:15pm. Noon is for sleeping, and the tales of battles with ghostly chrome missles fill the evening hours around camp.

These new summer run spey casting rods are made with the same premium IM8 graphite used in the upper echalon Specialist and Atlantis rods but wrapped on a mandrel that is tuned into the lighter line weight and applications that suit summer and fall fishing bliss to a tee. They are light, smoothly balanced throught the flex profile and as nicely as they accept the load they will kick it back out with authority to reach distant seams. This exclusive graphite material is also very tough and although the rods are built very light and flex smoothly, they are built tough enough for thick shouldered chrome anadromous salmonids of summer. They are not trout speys, but made to aptly handle the searing runs and leaping fury of the summer run fish.

The initial run will contain three models:

13'4" 6/7(/8) 4-pc w/ premium fuji chrome SiC guides and flora cork, titanium anodized reel seat. Finesse and light touch spey yet made of a very tough carbon fiber blend with high modulus materials exclusive to CND from the aerospace industry. All Solstice Series rods are finished in a slightly irridescent rainforest green finish, attractive yet very stealthy against the summer tree line on those low water streams.

14'4" 7/8(/9) 4-pc, " " - a greased-liner's perfect tool, all-around fit for most rivers and virtually casts itself. Hard to get people to put this one down at the conclaves, this one is truly in a league of it's own.

15'2" 7/8(/9) 4-pc, " " - for larger rivers and longer belly lines, deeper wading on broad banks, and maximized line control with light summer weight lines.

Prices will be in line with the Specialist Series rods as the materials and manufacturing costs are in line with them. CND Japan will annouce final retail prices very soon.

Manufacturing status is that the rods are being built as we speak after we experienced a delay obtaining the premium Portugese cork. I am hoping for a final delivery date from Japan to be announced anytime and will pass that on right away.

They were shown and cast at several claves over the last few months and the response has been extremely positive, as one would expect for Nobuo's handiwork. The oohs and ahhs were plentiful coming from people casting them. The Solstice Series combines the responsiveness of Specialists with the toughness of the Atlantis in a lightweight smooth casting package made specifically for nature's gift to the year round spey angler, the summer run k-romer.

I expect them to be coming to North America within the next few weeks, but will post the actual arrival date once I get confirmation. IMHO they are well worth the wait.
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