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A couple of questions. Looking at the CND Skagit rod, 13 feet for a 9. I have 2 CND Expert rods (1306, 1409) and after playing with them a while find them to lean to the light end of their line designation. For example, I like the 7/8/9 windcutter on the 9/10 rod, a 6/7 midspey on the 6/7 rod with a few feet of belly pulled up into the guides. I am finding that these rods cast sweeter with a line that doesn't load the rod so deeply (my casting style/preference I'm sure). They have a softer feel and like to be stroked, not pushed hard (again, my own opinion at this stage of my casting experience). I do like this. How is the action on the Skagit rod compared to the expert, and is it a true 9 weight? How would you compare the Skagit with the Expert 13 foot 8/9? Also, would this rod be a good choice for someone who likes long bellied lines like the XLT?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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