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Short rod with long belly line


Juro is right. A short rod with a long belly line like XLT seems not a good combination unless you want to leave portion of belly in the reel :D. So, choosing a right combination of rod and line for your casting style will save you whole a lot of time to become a proficient caster.

Since you already have CND 15' and 13' Experts. You might want to think about 14'4" Steelhead Specialist to bridge the gap. I have not casted this rod yet but I am very pleased with Salar which is a bigger version of Steelhead. They have the same action (what I heard).

Come out to try my Salar. See if you like the action. I will be at Watt Ave. today, tomorrow and the next day. Until May when wife gets home then you know why Simon doesn't show up at Watt Ave afterward. see you soon.

Simon Hsieh
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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