I am trying to consolidate some of my flies and purge the ones that have been sitting in boxes for a few years. Some of these may have taken a swim or two but all appear to be in great shape without rust, except where noted. Some may need a swim to straighten out all the feathers but I don't see any rotten Dacron or brittle feathers. Most all are commercial ties.
I have never bought or sold flies here so if my prices are out of line feel free to make me an offer. If you want to buy multiple lots I can drop the prices, and depending on interest I can split things up but I am hoping to ship only a few packages.

Lot #1 $40 shipped
10 Olive pick yer pockets
6 orange pick yer pockets
7 black and blue intruder
2 squidro

Lot #2 $15 shipped
Skaters - I am not sure the hook size but these are all pretty big
5 ska-opper
4 others

Lot #3 $15 shipped
11 GP like purple things with plastic eyes

Lot #4 $80 shipped Solitude hairwings etc. (can include the pistol case for storage in the photo, makes a good streamer box)
10 Green Lantern (sz 3)
10 Irish car bomb (sz 5)
9 summer run (about a sz 5)
10 unconditional (sz 3)
8 orange summer run (sz 5)
8 Jacks train wreck (sz 5)

Lot #5 $45 sculpins etc. plus 6 slot plastic box
9 egg sucking sculpins
8 small olive sculpins
6 small grey sculpins (these may be too rusty, but I will let you decide)
8 black sculpins
11 things tied by me on pro tubes