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I've never cleaned any of my fly rods and looking closely you can see they are quite dirty. The dirtiest areas are under the guides where the shine of the blank is gone and a dull very tuff lime looking deposit exists.

I doubt dish soap will cut this as it doesn't come off when scraped with a thumb nail.

Any idea how to clean this off and not damage the blank?, CLR, vinegar .... ?

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Warm water and mild dish soap is all I ever use with a very soft cloth much like I use for washing my truck .
A Q-Tip can really help out on those tight spots under the guide rings .
Those other cleaners you mentioned may damage the finish or scratch the blank .


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Elbow Grease, Q Tip and Lemon Pledge...

My home waters tend to leave a LOT of "hard water" build up on the blanks, so once a year I use Pledge as I seen Meiser suggest on here one time and it works...

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Sorry....I couldn't help myself :chuckle:

As for your dirty fly rod, I would try some warm water and dish soap and grab an old tooth brush (or another family members) and give her a scrub, let sit for a few minutes and scrub again if needed in the tough spots. If you still have some gunga under the guides cut a strip or 2 off a "magic eraser" sponge and rub them out.
Once satisfied and the rod is dried you can bring her back to looking like new with a thin coat of auto wax..... wax on/wax off.
While you are cleaning your rod you may wish to get a Q-tip and clean inside of the female ferrules as well, soap and water is fine for this.

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