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The classifieds are offered as a service to members and if they become a problem, we will simply remove the service. That being said, I don’t think anyone here wants to do that as we all benefit from the ability to buy, sell and trade items. There does need to be some norms stipulated though to govern transactions.

Classifieds Forum Norms

1. Be clear and honest about what you are offering.
2. State an asking price for the goods. The Classifieds Forum is not an auction site. If you want to find a high bidder, you are better off using E-Bay or other similar auction sites.
3. Identify what payment options you are willing to accept and any conditions you have on them.
(e.g. – Accepts personal checks but will not ship until check clears or will accept PayPal but require buyer to cover fees)
4. Identify how shipping costs will be handled and who is responsible for them.
5. If duties are potentially an issue, this should be made clear as well.
6. If you are going to be away fishing for two weeks, make sure that is known as well.
7. The final issue to be identified is how you are going to choose what offer to accept. In most cases, etiquette says the first to respond with an offer equal to the asking price– via e-mail, post, phone or private message – is the “winner”. If there is a compelling reason not to accept the first offer, you are asked to disclose this upfront.

There is always a small element of risk in buying and selling things over the internet and members should be aware of this. The Speypages is not responsible for transactions between members.

In addition to the above rules :
If you are looking to sell personal gear, rods, reels, lines, etc., we encourage you to place an advertisement here in the Classified Forum. Might as well have our Forum members have first take on it. However, that does not mean that you now are selling your "friend's gear". Your friend can easily become a member here on the Speypages and sell their own gear. You can introduce them to the membership and even vouch for them.

Speypages wants to make the following perfectly clear :
Soliciting gear from liquidation sales, auction sites, demo gear from fly shops, etc. for the purpose of selling within the Classified Forum is considered to be a commercial activity and therefore acquiring a Sponsorship to the Speypages is necessary.

Though the Speypages is not responsible for any of the Classified Forum transactions, there has been some activity lately where members are trying to solicit sales from other members. Meaning scoping out classified ads and sending PM's (private messages) to members who have posted responses to classified ads, then offering the same or equivalent gear the member (OP) is offering for a lesser price than the OP had advertised.
This type of action is disrespectful to the Speypages members and the Speypages community in general !! It violates our Code of Conduct here and will not be tolerated !! The Speypages Moderators will not be involved in the Classified Forum transactions, however, the Moderators will indeed monitor the moral and ethical behaviours within this Forum in accordance with the Speypages Code of Conduct and the Classified Forum Policy.

Buyer Beware - Be an informed buyer

A couple of times a year something goes up on the classifieds that starts off a flurry of posts and PMs about its authenticity. This more often than not centers around items that are old, rare or both.

More often than not, these items turn out to be just what they were said to be. On occasion though, buyers have been taken advantage of by those of dubious intent and scruples.

Please be aware of what you are buying. Ask questions and vette the answers through a third source. Ask for pictures. Check the seller's history and inquire about their reputation. In other words, protect yourself as much as you can. There is some lovely old, rare and authentic tackle out there. If you are going to make a once in a lifetime purchase, make sure you get what you pay for.

PayPal Payment Policy

Folks, it's come to our attention that there is a growing trend towards the misuse of PayPal's "gift" or "Friends and Family" payment methods on various online forums. Using this method as a way around the PayPal user fee is not something we will support at Speypages. This also removes the right of the buyer to have protective insurance on the item/s being shipped to them. If the seller does not wish to pay the 3% fee, then the option should be given to the buyer to pay for those fees, or simply include the fees in the asking price.
Do not post this info in your classified ads--if you do we will delete the ad.

Ebay Policy and other Hot Links

The Speypages team has been discussing the fairness of allowing the posting of Hot Links to items on e-bay, other internet auction sites, Forums, Manufacturers, fly shops, etc... Given that these sources in many cases compete directly with sponsors for tackle revenue, we feel it is not appropriate to continue allowing posting of these links. It is fine to reference the item and where it can be found but as with all items that compete with sponsors, automatic Hot Links are not allowed.
This includes photos of your items, descriptions, etc... Do not post a Hot Link that directs to another Forum Classifieds, Non-Sponsor Fly Shop, Guide Service, Manufacturer, etc. as stated in the "Hot Link" Sticky at the top of each Forum. The Hot Link will be deleted.

Please Review Hot Link Policy Sticky : http://www.speypages.com/speyclave/92-spey-classifieds/236305-hot-links.html

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

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