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Tackle Sale - January 2015

Hey, Gang. Moving a few things to good homes to help fund purchases of some new tackle. Not spey rods, but nice classic bamboo trout rods and nifty reels.

Shipping and PayPal fees are included in price. (3) day inspection, return for whatever reason, but buyer pays shipping both ways unless there is a condition issue. I've done my best to go over the rods and provide a good description and photos, but I occasionally miss something. If you need more/better photos, please let me know. PayPal preferred, and I'll eat the fees. Certified check ok. Open to trades if you have something on my want list at the bottom of the page.

If you'd like more info, just shoot me an email. Reasonable offers considered.

PLEASE EMAIL me at ryan.p.saboATgmail.com


Wright & McGill Granger Special 8040
8' 3/2

Very good++, original condition. All sections full length and straight. Reel seat works perfectly and is without blemish. Ferrule fit is good. All wraps match, though the "snappy" green is more subdued with age. Varnish is very good, with a small blemish here and there, though all the cane is protected. Only stamped "Granger Special"... No "Wright & McGill", though the reel seat is a W&M seat. Most likely early W&M. Original bag and tube, with reproduction label. A classic, medium-fast, do it all trout rod in a very desirable length. Ready to fish.


Heddon #14
8'6" 3/2 2F

Very good+, original condition. All sections full length and straight. Reel seat in good shape. Ferrule fit is good. Varnish is intact, not sticky, with some bag marks. Cleo's writing is all there. Original bag and tube with 70% label. A great trout taper in one of Heddon's prettiest grades. Ready to fish.


Montague Red Wing
8'6" 3/2 Medium Trout

Very good++, original condition. All sections full length and straight. Full Red Wing label. Ferrule fit is good, however there are some light tool marks, most likely from seperating stuck ferrules in the past. Original bag and tube, with 70% label. The second highest grade Monty, in better condition than most you'll find. Beautiful rod. Ready to fish.


Wanigas Superb
7' 2/2

Excellent, original condition. All sections full length and straight. Original bag and tube. This is a rod built out by Art Neumann on a Steve T. Small blank, and it's really a high-end feeling rod. A great piece of Michigan trout heritage. #12 SuperZ ferrule, fit is good. Fast 4/5 wt that can punch a tight loop a long way. Handsome cosmetics, ready to fish.



Heddon Imperial #125A
Dark Gunmetal

Smooth running reel. Great agate, check, patina, style. Not a perfect collector grade reel, but the finest American made St. George style trout reel. 3-1/8".


Hardy Uniqua 3-1/8"

Slight spool wobble. Good check. Nice patina in spite of what looks like an attempt at re-leading. Low cost, classic fisher.


Farlows Perfect
3" wide-drum

Lovely, high condition classic in a perfect (pun!), difficult to find trout size. Includes box (no label). Smooth running, strong check. A bit of rim rash, good 'Hold Fast' marque.


Want List

Paul H. Young
*Driggs River Special

I'm pretty particular about the Young rods I seek out... but if you have one you're willing to sell or trade for, please let me know. Also interested in other lesser-known Young rods. Also Wanigas Supreme rods built on Young blanks.


E.C. Powell
9' 2/2 B-taper weighing 4-3/8 oz. or less.

Looking for a long, light trout weight Powell. Prefer faster Bs, and E.C.-built rods, but will consider Maslan rods or more moderate B tapers. Very interested in a Max Yerxa rods as well. Would consider heavier rods in an A taper.


Sloan (Heddon) and Daly (Edwards) "Para-Tapers"

Looking for good examples of these 7'10" trade rods.


Edwards Quadrate
7'6" or 8'

Looking for rods that are all there and fishable, not necessarily in collector condition. Just no complete basket cases.


7'9" or 7'6" Parabolic
Canadian Canoe
Dry Fly Salmon

I'm interested in learning about these rods. Looking for go-fishing condition. Honest wear ok, just no basket cases... or mint collectors rods. Ha.


Hardy Perfect 3" wide-drum

Looking for a reel to take fishing... I know this is a rare reel, but I'm looking for the one that has a little rim rash or other cosmetic flaws... since I'll probably add my own honest battle scars to it.


Thompson Reels

Always looking for interesting variations of these reels. Especially any Floyd T. Lovens, San Jose reels or the Sierra Fly Caster version. Prototypes, lefties, etc.


Olson Reels

Looking for smaller Olsons. 3.5" or 3.75".


Thanks for looking, fellas. Here's to a happy 2015!

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