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Harry recently sent me a shipment containing the Clan 16' 11/12 and the 18' Clan MacLeod. The 18' is the rod which has won the last couple casting events in Ireland. Like all the Clan rods these two cast themselves and the less effort you put on your end the bigger your reward. The influence of Alexander Grant is evident on every cast.

Simon is working on an 11/12 in the Nextcast line which will be perfect on these babies. I have been using an 1100 grain GrandSpey for now.

Like all Harry's rods these are fishing tools. I have been fishing size 7 Speys on the Snoqualmie with the 18 and it just feels right.

If you would like to take one and spend a few days with it just let me know. It is no problem to mail them around for those who do not live close.
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