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Given you've (appears) to only have a week stick with BC.

Who has some suggestions on some good places to fish (Steelhead or Salmon) between Christmas and New Years? Anywhere close to the coast between Alaska and California works for me.

Travel time will kill your vacation much beyond that. Vedder/Harrison can be 'combat' fishing at times, but at least you won't kill a lot of 'could be fishing' time. On the 'travel time' being no object I'd recommend the Chetco River/Brookings, OR in SW Oregon (Just north of the Cal Boarder). A 2handers PARADISE! Locals tend to fish the lower river (Social Security Bar ... you can guess why its called that) so one place gets packed up with 'plunkers.' The up side is they all fish in a tight group and lots of free water (like no body) 150 yards below them.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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