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Christmas Special:
1) Saracione-Bellinger Deluxe Disc Drag Salmon Reel for sale. The
reel is
brand new and has never had a line on it. It has Saracione Bellinger
Makers engraved on the back side center spool, 007 on bottom (ser #
007) and 3 3/4 on bottom (3 3/4" dia). This reel is similar to
Saracione's Deluxe II Salmon Disc Drag reel, which he sells for $3000
(and takes 60-90 days to get). The reel is in a burgundy velveteen
bag inside a deer hide bag. This reel is made with multi-piece
aluminum and bronze assembled spool. The reel is made with delrin
hard rubber material for the black side plates, 18% nickel silver
protective side bands and 12% nickel silver fittings. The spool, foot
and serpentine handle are aluminum alloy. The entire reel is hand
polished to a jewel like finish. This reel features the time proven
rotor and caliper disc drag system utilizing oil impregnated cork
calipers, and a floating rotor disc for an ultra smooth drag. Drag
adjustments are set via lever control with 9-detent settings.
Additionally, this reel has a preset gear and pawl drag for
controlling spool overrun when light disc drag settings are made.
This also contributes to the great sound of the reel when a fish
makes a strong run. Specifications: right hand, 3 3/4" dia, spool
width 15/16", weight 12.2 oz, capacity is 6,7,8 2-handed fly lines.
Price: $1500.00 plus shipping. No Paypal, pay by money order, bank
check or personal check.

Please correspond by email: [email protected]

2) New Bob Clay Riverwatch 13 ft 3 pc bamboo with spliced ferrules.
Bob Clay arguably makes the best contemporary bamboo spey rods
around. His 3 pc spliced ferrule models currently retail for $2150
plus shipping from BC, with a full year's wait. Here's your chance to
get one now, in time to fish now. This model 7113, purchased
five or six years ago, is new and has never been assembled. I doubt
it's been out of the tube more than a couple of times. Spliced
ferrules. Nickel silver reel seat with box elder spacer. Agate
stripper. Wrapped red with brown tipping. In logo's Riverwatch
aluminum tube and maker's corduroy rod sack. $1500 plus shipping.
No Paypal, pay by money order, bank check or personal check.

Please correspond by email: [email protected]

Christmas special - Both rod and reel for $2500.

Thanks, Jim
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