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Chinook on the fly

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Anyone have any experience chasing Kings with a fly? Looking for a little guidance...

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I have good luck catching Kings in WI's tribs although I normally only fish for them now if someone else suggests it. Too much combat fishing for dark fish.

I use a 9 1/2' 8 wt, a 9 wt would be better. I only fish for sighted fish. I use one fly, a big purple zonker. I swing through pools targeting the alpha male at the head of the pool or the new one coming up through the tailout. Not only will the most aggressive male hit the fly but the other Kings will as well. Obviously, they are defending territory and not on the "bite".

The good news is when the Kings are in the river, steelhead won't be far behind.

1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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