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To: 2nd Annual Charity Spey Clinic Driving Instructions.

From: Fred Evans - Medford, OR

Date: 3-4-2003

Subject: Two important maps: My home/Motel “8” and Clinic
Driving instructions.

Map ‘1’ shows the location of Joan and my home (2713 Clay Creek Way, Ashland, OR 96520 541 482 6386) and that of the Motel “8.”

Take I-5 Exit 14 (the main south Ashland exit) and turn left over freeway (coming from the south) or right turn if coming south-bound onto Ashland Street (aka Hwy 66). Straight ahead about ¼ mile (and you just drove past the Motel “8”) to the first light (Ashland Street/Tolman Creek Road. Turn LEFT at the light and less than a 1/8th mile to the railroad tracts (a large Bi-Mart/Goodwill stores on your right hand side).

Cross the tracks and about 50 yards to Takelama Way; turn RIGHT and straight ahead about 50 yards to CLAY CREEK WAY. Right on Clay Creek and down about 6 homes to 2713 Clay Creek Way. YOUR HOME!!!!

First the good part: Both Clinic locations are premo fly fishing water so have your rod loaded and ready to go for some “pre/post-clinic” winter steelhead fishing. Boo and Hiss, but we’ll be using strictly ‘yarn fly’s’ during class. :>(

Map ‘2’ shows the location of Saturday and Sunday’s Clinic locations. Saturday we’ll be at “upper” Touvelle Park; Sunday you’ll head past the park about ½ mile to Modoc Road and turn right. Straight ahead about 1 mile to the BIG POWER SUBSTATION and turn right again onto Touvelle Road (no street sign but you can’t miss the sub station nor the big yellow gate across the road. A facilitator will be there early to open the gate and allow access.

Take I-5 NORTH ALL THE WAY THROUGH MEDFORD (North Medford I-5 off ramp) to the Hwy 62 turn off. Off ramp makes a long curve to the right to a STOP LIGHT; GO STRAGHT AHEAD THROUGH THE LIGHT. This puts you on the ‘on-ramp’ to Hwy 62. RIGHT TURN-STRAIGHT AHEAD on Hwy 62 about 5 miles to the Agate Road turn off (to left) to Antelope Road. (Don’t worry if you miss the turn off Hwy 62, just go another mile to ANTELOPE ROAD and TURN LEFT at the light.)
Go West on Antelope Road to TABLE ROCK ROAD (about ¾ mile to stop light); TURN RIGHT up Table Rock about ¾ mile to the entrance of “upper” Touvelle Park (DON’T CROSS THE RIVER!!!!). This is where Saturday’s session will be held.

For Sunday’s session: same directions but DRIVE OVER THE BRIDGE ANOTHER ¾ MILE TO MODOC ROAD (first road on your right). Turn RIGHT on Modoc Road and straight ahead about 1 mile to the big power substation on your right (across the road from Table Rock hiking trail parking lot). The access road has a locked gate but some one will be there ‘early’ to let you in for the clinic …. Or if you want … some ‘pre-clinic’ winter steelhead fishing.

The Denmon Bar/Modoc Pond bar is almost to the end of the access road (good road); you’ll see the driveway on your left about 300 yards below the gravel pit operation. Down to the bar and you’re good to go.


“Your Facilitators.”

The enclosed maps (should!!) give very good driving directions to both the Motel "8" (it's about 1/4 mile from my front door) and to the two Clinic locations on Saturday and Sunday morning.

If you DON'T GET THE MAPS (via 'snail mail') by the end of next week please e mail me at [email protected] and I'll fax them out to you.

River is in premo shape, several thousand fish in the upper river already, and water conditions are to drool over for fly fishing!

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Couple of additional goodies:

From the map sent when you turn on to Hwy 62 to the Agate Road turn off it's 4.5 miles on the nose. There's a sign about 1/2 mile before this that says "Agate Road/Evans Road" (na, not named after me :D ). Again, if you miss this turn off just go about 2/3 mile farther on to the intersection of ANTALOPE ROAD/Hwy 62 (this is a major intersection!) turn left and straight ahead about a mile to Tablerock, etc., and etc.


First Sean is bringing down two of the new CND rods for the fellows to test drive over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing this new product.

ALSO, and a HUGE THANK YOU TO SIMON!!!! RIO has sent me one of the new 7/8 GrandSpey lines for your use/test driving. I'm looking forward to 'strapping' this baby onto my Loomis GL3 8/9 and going for the far bank.

Very Cool Stuff!!!!
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